Welcome to Eritel Telecom

Eritrea Telecommunications PJSC (ERITEL)
is the only Information Technology Company in the
State of Eritrea

Introducing ADSL Silver 1GB Package

Our New Volume-Based Internet Packages.

  • 512 Kbps Bandwidth*
  • 1 GB Volume
  • 1000 NKF Only
*Terms and conditions apply

Introducing ADSL Silver 3GB Package

Our New Volume-Based Internet Packages.

  • 512 Kbps Bandwidth*
  • 3 GB Volume
  • 2500 NKF Only
*Terms and conditions apply

Eritel Internet Services

All Eritel Internet users would be required to make some changes to their internet connected devices to continue using services amicably.

Speed Test

Testing your Internet speed was never easier


We strive to provide the best possible experience to all our customers


Call us today at +291-1-127800 or Email us at websupport@tse.com.er

Our world-class services are optimized to provide the best customer experience to all our customers. Contact Us

World-class servicesEnrich your experience

Easy Mobile SolutionsStay Upgraded. Stay Smart.

Wide CoverageAccess across 85% of Eritrea

Customized OffersExclusive Eritel deals

Eritel - Say Hello to the Future of Communication

Eritel has evolved to offer the latest digital and telecommunication technologies serving more than 600,000 customers in Eritrea

World-class services

Enrich your experience

Easy Mobile Solutions

Stay Upgraded. Stay Smart

Wide Coverage

Access across 85% of Eritrea

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Customized Offers

Exlusive Eritel deals

Distinguished Services

Largest fixed-line network of East Africa

Fastest Growing Network

Uninterrupted world-class mobile coverage

What we provide, we provide well

Eritel is proud of its more than 25 years of history and heritage of connecting the people of Eritrea and is committed to building a prosperous and digitally connected Eritrea.
Eritel - Building digitally connect Eritrea Eritel - Building digitally connect Eritrea

Eritime, Eriwhere...Take it online.

Our simplified apps give you the adaptability to explore along the way. Simply switch between your computer, smartphone and tablet in just a few taps and you can track usage, view payments, and get support on the go, easier than ever. If you don't have the Eritel mobile app on your iPhone or Android mobile device then download it now from the App Store or Play Store so you're not missing out on our great offers...


Commitment to Excellence

Eritel remains committed to playing its role in the technological enhancement
of a cutting-edge green technology based Eritrea.

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