History Eritel formerly known as Telecommunications Services of Eritrea (TSE) was restructured in October 2003 to incorporate Fixed telephony, Mobile telephony and Internet services.
Post-Restructuring Mobile GSM services were introduced by Eritel, The Mobile GSM coverage has continued to grow vertically across the country and currently Eritel provides uninterrupted world-class mobile coverage across 85% of Eritrea. Eritel remains committed to keep increasing and upgrading its mobile coverage to provide the best possible customer experience to all its GSM customers.

Phase 1 – Infrastructure Development Program
Building on its commitment to provide the best Quality of Service to all its customers and play its part in the technological development of Eritrea, Eritel launched Phase 1 of its Infrastructure Development Program in 2003. The Program aimed to migrate all telecom infrastructure from Analogue to the Digital platform and building a modern, scalable and redundant backbone infrastructure system which would be used to interconnect and integrate all telecommunications infrastructure across the length and breadth of the country.
Eritel also developed a highly effective, scalable and versatile transmission network which would connect all major cities in the country through High-Speed Microwave links as part of the same program.

Phase 2 - Infrastructure and Services Development Program
Phase 2 of the Infrastructure and Services Development Program was initiated in 2013 and remains a work in progress. The major objectives of the Program are to keep upgrading the capacity and quality of telecommunications services, enhancing the coverage of our network in rural areas, upgrading our core, distribution and access network infrastructure from copper network predominantly to fibre optic based network. Currently Eritel operates a complete end-to-end Fibre Core network in the cities of Asmara and Massawa with plans in place to upgrade all major cities’ core networks to be migrated to Fibre in the very near future. Eritel remains committed to playing its role in the technological enhancement of a cutting-edge green technology based Eritrea.

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