Mobile GSM Services

Mobile GSM Services Want to stay connected across Eritrea?
Eritel’s Mobile GSM Prepaid service keeps you connected across the country. Our Mobile GSM services are optimized to keep you connected across cities, villages and rural areas.

We keep you connected everytime, everywhere!
Note : Currently Eritel provides only voice services on our Mobile GSM services platform .


Mobile GSM Services : Schedule of Charges

Service Item Charges incl. Sales Tax
New Sim Card – For Eritrean Nationals only 550 NKF
New Sim Card – For Expats 633 NKF
Sim Card Replacement - For Eritrean Nationals only 385 NKF
Sim Card Replacement - For Expats 488 NKF
Mobile to Mobile On-Net 1.50 NKF per minute
Mobile to PSTN/CDMA 1.80 NKF per minute
International Direct 12.0 NKF per minute
International Indirect 15.0 NKF per minute
SMS On-net .50 NKF per SMS
SMS International 5.0 NKF per SMS

International Call Tariffs : Schedule of Charges

International Call Tariffs are divided into two sets:
  1. Direct International Calls
  2. Indirect International Calls
The details are as follows: -
Type of International Calls On-Peak Charges Off-Peak Charges
Direct Calls Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Italy, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Norway and France 10.0 7.0
Indirect Calls to all other countries except the above 13.0 12.0

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